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Augustine Gwinyai Kubara


Property and Affordable Housing Development Specialist,

Quantity Surveyor


Augustine Kubara is an accomplished Quantity Surveyor, Professional Project Manager, Strategic Thinker and Social Entrepreneur with more than 15 years extensive experience gained with social enterprises, private and quasi government sectors in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Botswana including International Financial Institutions (World Bank), Academic Institutions, Community Based organizations, and the vast exposure to other housing and WASH delivering organizations in Africa and abroad gained through consultancy and exchange programs.


Kubara has led organizations and several big-budget projects in the Property Development and Construction Industry, and have championed project management for low income housing and WASH delivery, delivering houses under the Community Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF) initiative being run in more than ten countries in Africa and Asia. Kubara has extensive experience in leading organizational build-up, and designing and implementing affordable housing projects, and to run such independently, delivering projects within budget and schedule, with continuous engagement of key stakeholders for their validation and checking of their requirements at every stage of the project development.


Kubara have led the setting up of vibrant entities, procured, built and managed project teams including built environment professionals for project delivery, and also led the planning and implementation of procurement of plant, equipment, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors and the subsequent contracting of such for an effective and efficient project delivery.

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