About the team

Urban-A have a small team based out of Oslo, as well as a pool of international consultants. For each consultancy we put together a multi-disciplinary team and tool-set tailored to the specific assignment and context, emphasising participatory processes in data collection, strategy formulation, as well as evaluations. This is key to ensuring holistic problem understanding and locally anchored solutions for our clients.


Currently our pool of consultants includes urban planners, social scientists, economists, lawyers. Combined the team is specialised in:


  • Policy making and advocacy

  • Systems-thinking and analysis

  • Urban crisis response

  • Spatial mapping and profiling

  • Informality and the relationship between formal & informal city areas

  • Urban economy and housing finance

  • Development history

  • Housing, Land and Property Rights

  • Migration and forced displacement; trends and response

  • Cluster Coordination (Shelter, WASH, Protection, CCCM, Social Cohesion)


General manager of Urban-A is Synne Bergby, for any inquiries about our services contact her at synne.bergby[att]urban-a.org.


Synne Bergby

Partner, General Manager

& Senior Analyst

Bernardo de Almeida

Housing, Land and Property Rights Specialist (Ph.D)

Kristin Ese

Historian, Urban History Specialist

Joseph S. Mukeku

Community Design Architect & Affordable Housing Specialist (Ph.D)

Ida Zeline W-F Lien

Partner & Head of Analysis,

Urban Economist

Ankit Bhargava

Architect &

Urban Planner

Augustine G. Kubara

Property & Affordable Housing Development Specialist, Quantity Surveyor

Virginia Grávalos

Urban Development Specialist

Anders Ese

Head of R&D

Urban Research &

Analysis Specialist (Ph.D)

Christina Bock

Social Policy &

Community Development Specialist

Bruno Marot

Urban Planner 

& Housing Specialist (Ph.D)

Sobia Rafiq

Architect &

Urban Environmental Planner

Kristin Vestrheim

International Development & 

Community Protection Specialist