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Peter Griffiths

Urban Futures and Innovation


Peter Griffiths helps people see and imagine cities differently. Trained as a journalist with an MSc in City Design and Social Science, Peter previously led thought leadership and content in TIER Mobility's policy team, a micromobility operator in over 540 cities globally and worked as a City Strategist at ING Media, working with over 30 cities in the UK and internationally to help them achieve their strategic brand and investment ambitions. As an urban expert, Griffiths also provided technical and editorial support to the World Bank’s Global Platform for Sustainable Cities. Before that he was Managing Editor at LSE Cities, an international research centre at the London School of Economics, where he substantially increased the visibility of the centre’s global research outputs. Highlights included establishing a network of African experts and planning delegations into five cities for Urban Age's two-year investigation into Africa's urban future, and co-curating exhibitions at the Venice and Seoul Biennales. Griffiths has visited and professionally connected to over a thousand cities and is an advocate for neurodiversity and its inclusion in providing accessible solutions to complex urban challenges.


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